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It’s therefore of interest that when the Israeli pop star Dudu Tassa, the grandson and namesake of Daoud al-Kuwaiti, relearned his grandfather’s music and, beginning in 2011, embarked on a grand family reclamation project , he maintained the overtly expressive Iraqi vocal style while adding such instruments as trumpet and electric guitar and making free use of contemporary rhythms. True to Iraqi culture, Tassa’s vocals are hot, not cool—and Israelis of all origins and tastes can’t get enough of them.

In light of the different fates of the Moroccan and Iraqi Jewish traditions, one can better appreciate the indispensable role played by Israel’s peripheral towns in sustaining, nurturing, and transmitting their cultural memory—and in the end bestowing it as a gift upon new generations of Israelis, Mizraḥi and non-Mizraḥi alike.

Nor is music the only area in which the periphery’s impulse to preservation-and-transmission has intrigued and influenced Israeli life as a whole. Take the post-Passover festival of Sandals for Women On Sale Copper Pink Leather 2017 45 Valentino 4.5 Valentino Leather Sandals for Women On Sale osqYsmPj
, a North African Jewish tradition that is now a de-facto national celebration.

Or take the case of the Moroccan rabbi Israel Abuḥatzeira (1889-1984), a/k/a the “Baba Sali,” who moved to Israel in 1964. Shortly after his passing, the rabbi’s grave became a large-scale pilgrimage site and prayer shrine, something heretofore unheard of in Israel for any but ancient rabbinic figures. What happened was simply that Moroccan Jews from the area surrounding the rabbi’s peripheral town of Netivot were intent on maintaining the custom of honoring the graves of the righteous, a tradition rooted in the inland regions of Morocco, and over the decades the ranks of pilgrims have multiplied. Meanwhile, the specifically musical traditions of the Abuḥatzeira rabbinical dynasty now form the repertoire of the piyyut ensemble of the Ben-Zvi Institute, a venerable center dedicated to the research and study of Mizraḥi culture.

In literature, finally, the struggle to articulate a voice of rooted cultural memory within Israeli society also animates the work of the Moroccan-Algerian poet Erez Bitton , a recipient of the Israel Prize, the country’s highest civilian honor. (Bitton himself grew up in Lod, a town not far from Tel Aviv but socially and culturally as peripheral as Ofakim.) Toward the North African Jewish past, Bitton’s poetry expresses neither distance nor nostalgia but rather a simple, straightforward, organic connection.

David Ben-Gurion imagined the Negev as a place where Jews, disburdened of their exilic past, would create something from nothing. In order to attract Israelis to the region, the “Old Man” chose to be buried not, like most Israeli leaders, on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl but close to his desert home in Kibbutz Sde Boker. As if to defy his wishes, the Negev region has instead become a place where Jewish historical and cultural memory, rooted in the exile, has instead been preserved and flourished.

Save the Dates for NRB’s 2019 Convention: March 26-29 in Anaheim, California

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NRB President Encourages Christian Media to Amplify the Right Message on Israel

Save the Dates for NRB’s 2019 Convention: March 26-29 in Anaheim, California

NRB Calls for ‘Constitution-Honoring’ Supreme Court Nominee to Fill Kennedy’s Seat

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Companies are bombarded with pricing strategy advice constantly:

“Increase your prices by 2%.”

“Decrease your prices for your price-conscious markets.”

“Add value anywhere and everywhere to drive customer loyalty.”

Unfortunately, even the best pricing advice rarely works for every single company. Even for those it does work well on average, it doesn’t succeed for every single transaction.

even the best pricing advice rarely works for every single company.

This is why price realization is crucial for businesses.

What is Price Realization?

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You can’t sell at target price every single time, but that’s the goal. (Or rather, it should be.) This discrepancy is one metric you need to measure. On the surface, this seems like a relatively easy task.

However, when you just can’t sell at the target price, you need perspective on how much you should drop the price. Your price may be higher or lower than what you charged in a prior period. It’s important to measure price performance relative to your targets. However, you also must evaluate the amount that real prices are up or down relative to actual values in your base period.

This means measuring actual performance vs. budget. (This is much like comparing actual price to target). It also indicates a need to compare actual performance to historical actual performance. (This is price realization analysis.) This helps you increase profits through a clearer understanding of your actual price performance.

increase profits through a clearer understanding of your actual price performance.

You absolutely must understand how your prices are performing on an ongoing and regular basis. Otherwise, you can’t possibly take advantage of successful strategies. You can’t correct your course on unsuccessful ones.

Keep a close on the difference between actual and targeted prices to:

Successful price realization refers to your most profitable outcome – when all actual prices equal your target prices. If you’re struggling to plan how to achieve this, here are five strategies to start with.

When sales reps feel backed into a corner on a deal, the last bone they throw is usually some sort of discount or allowance. Some customers even go as far to ask for a discount or rebate during price negotiations.

Unfortunately, these price concessions can destroy your profits. Discounts undermine your entire pricing strategy.

Discounts undermine your entire pricing strategy.

That doesn’t mean you have to give them up completely. Some customers demand something just to know they have a little control. Even minor discounts can tip the scales in a sales professional’s favor.

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